2018 Evaluations are now complete and players have been rostered to Teamsnap teams.

The board of Southside would like to thank the players and their families for their help over this season.

We rely upon our players in ways most associations are not able to. The players manage their own benches during games, they keep each other informed of time and schedule changes, they volunteer to help when we’re short players and I believe they do a great job of making the rink a welcome place for all.  We have had ZERO dressing room or respect-in-sport issues in about three years of evals and we cannot tell you how well your players represent the association. We receive many great words back from refs, Hockey Calgary representatives, rink staffs, other teams, and parents of tiny timbits, atoms and peewees we share the rink with. Thank you!




We know evaluations are tough on our kids and our families.

We know there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and a fair bit of chaos and our process isn’t like most of the other systems out there. We can assure you our system was not haphazardly put together and we really do sweat all the decisions about player movement and evaluation setting because we are genuinely concerned about these kids.

Over the course of two weeks some kids get difficult things they need to deal with. Sometimes it’s when they get sent down a group. Sometimes it’s when get seeded unfavorably. Please know that we don’t send kids down to forget about them. We debate the moves before we make them. We assess and discuss the results after the moves. We take great pains to make sure moves don’t unfairly penalize players just because of the mathematics of the system. And we usually move players down so that we can get a better look at them and we notice how they deal with adversity and we do all we can to keep their opportunities open.


We wish all Southside Thunder teams the best for the 2018 Season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and we’ll see you around the rink!