Hi there, this is actually an update from the Outgoing President

It’s been my great pleasure to be the Southside President for the last few years, but at this year’s AGM I will be stepping down into a different role. The AGM will be Sept 23rd, if you’re able to come out we’d appreciate your support and vote.

Below I have tried to lay out some of this year’s changes. Get in touch with me if you have questions.



We continue to tweak our evaluation process. We are continuing with our tradition of running a round-robin tournament and then re-balancing the teams and having ‘cup final’ games to end the session.

This year there will be some differences as we have an extra ice time available on Oct 2nd. We are going to use that ice time to get as much head-to-head evaluation time as possible.  Times may change but Evaluation dates are:

  • Tuesday               Sep 25, 2018    Round Robin Games
  • Thursday             Sep 27, 2018    Round Robin Games
  • Sunday                 Sep 30, 2018   Round Robin Games
  • Tuesday               Oct 2, 2018       Assigned Practice
  • Thursday             Oct 4, 2018       Final Cup Games



Association Board Changes:

At the AGM on Sept 23rd we will be voting on a new association President.

The board has asked Scott Tyson to stand as our candidate for President. Over the last year Scott he has made great contributions as VP External – as an advocate for Southside within the Bonavista hockey community and he continues to recruit coaches and get our message out there. It has been a pleasure to work with him and we have clearly seen that he has a heart and a vision for the association.

The proposed board structure would therefore be:

For election:

  • President – Scott Tyson (new candidate for election)

Acclaimed and/or Continued Roles:

  • Past President (and VP External)  – Randy Dotzler
  • Secretary (and VP Internal) – Simone Thumm (second year of 2 year term)
  • Treasurer – Arto Hamo

Non-executive roles and vacancies on the board include:

  • Junior C Coordinator – Brent Murray (continued from last year)
  • Registrar (open for 2 year term)
  • Ice Scheduler (open for 2 year term)
  • Social Media Coordinator (open for 2 year term)



Team Sizes:

This year we have grown larger than can be accommodated by 3 midget teams. Going to 4 teams will increase the chance of short benches during the year – certainly not ideal – but the alternative is to turn away players and that hasn’t been our philosophy.

Please note that since we are increasing the number of teams we aren’t able to guarantee placement based on our 3rd year rule. There will be no guaranteed placements and all spots will be chosen based on our normal selection criteria.



And on a personal note:

One of my guiding principles (shared with the board and past President) was to place more value on life lessons than on hockey performance. As a Southside player and then Assistant Coach my oldest son Kale took those lessons to heart and over the past two years I have watched him grow as a person and develop as a coach and mentor.

It was his decision this past summer to take those lessons further: he’s taking a break from Southside and has been accepted onto a YWAM Hockey Ministries team for a five-month outreach trip working with youth in Russia.

He’s off to BC this month for the training school then will be heading to Russia to run Skills Camps with kids, play exhibition games against local teams and do street missions outreach when not on the ice.

I apologize for the shameless plug but he’s my child and I’m proud of him stepping out in faith. He is fundraising for this trip and if you’d like to join our family in supporting him please consider contributing to his gofundme account at:  http://gf.me/u/k6tvds




Again, it has been my great pleasure to serve as President. I’m grateful for the all the support and encouragement over the years. Thank you very much and warmest regards,


Randy Dotzler